A continuation to the post I shared in my Facebook page. This goes out to all call center agents & to those people who belittle the BPO industry.

Anyone who says "Call Center lang pla ngwork" clearly haven't tried working as a call center agent.

RESPECT, indeed. First, be thankful that this industry is giving jobs to thousands or even millions of Filipinos. Second, it's not easy being a call center agent, we have to SACRIFICE (our health, miss family events). Third, it's true that some of the call center agents may be under employed but the common denominator may be, they provide for their families, send siblings to school, sustain basic needs. Do not forget their HARDWORK. Fourth, it's not easy talking to foreigners who's always discriminating us Filipinos, continuously underrating us. Lastly, if our government (past/present) provided suitable jobs for their profession, same salary, same benefits, do you think this industry would survive here? You might want to step back and think about it.

I too had my own ups and downs as a call center agent. Sure, it pays well. I get to pay my own bills, travel where I want to, dine out. Things a young adult usually do, I experienced that. Yes, we deserve it. We deserve to treat ourselves from all the hard work, sacrifices, considerations we have to do.

But in the long run I felt like I'm not growing. I graduated at the age of 19, worked in this industry for almost 2 years. I was stagnant. I was stucked in this industry. The BPO industry was a training ground for me. Everyday of your working life, you meet new friends with different personalities, different stories which I learned from.

For those who are blinded with the big pay this industry provides, be wary of your actions.

For those who continue to work in this industry to be able to provide for their loved ones, continue and excel in what you do. Just don't confine yourself, don't limit yourself in this industry. Be open to change. Take risks. 

We may have different reasons, different stories why we opted to be a call center agent. Whether you're a factory worker, street sweeper, minimum or below minimum wage workers, you deserve respect. 
10/12/2013 10:24:14 am

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.


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