Campus Journalists and Journalism have a crucial role on the Schools First Initiative (SFI), which it to educate students not only on the four corners of the school but also about the things that are happening in the real world that may give impact on students.

Campus Journalists are not just ordinary people behind the school organ, we are the voice of the body, the voice of the students, whether the issue is positive or negative, we are the one who informs the school body on what is happening inside and outside school.

Nowadays, there are so many things in our country that affects our daily lives, from Expanded Value Added Tax (EVAT) to Reformed Value Added Tax (RVAT), oil price hike, political bickering and unruly stampede; both man-made and natural disasters, all of these things affect us in many ways so it is just right that we voice out our concerns over this matter.

Another serious thing that we are facing today is that our country was named "the most murderous country for journalists"; this only shows that freedom of speech is not respected here in our country.

We as Campus Journalists, have to be responsible on what we write, since we are considered minors, we can't sue anyone nor be sued by anyone; it means that we can't be persecuted by anyone affected by the article we wrote. We have the freedom of speech, but, it is limited. Inside the school, before we write about a certain issue or controversy, we have to conduct interviews with the most reliable person, we also gather information and we investigate.

Being a Campus Journalist is not easy, we have to "stand" the things that we write and we must build up credibility for our readers to trust us.

Campus Journalists are not just observers and expectators waiting for something to happen or a good scoop, we can be exemplary leaders that can make a big difference in the society.

Despite the challenges on Campus Journalists and the press, we are still standing strong for the fight for truth. Usually, journalists are being harassed by powerful people asking them to stop writing any negative issues involving them, If ever questioned, a journalist by heart must have a sense of responsibility.

For Campus Journalists, the school is our training ground; it is in school where we imagined ourselves being in the shoes of the prominent, respected or even ordinary journalists only to realize that it is not easy being one.

Notwithstanding the hindrances that we encounter on our way to delivering quality campus journalism, we continue to survive all of these, it is because of our passion to inform, educate, persuade and deliver
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