In general, balloons are defined as any flexible bag which can be rubber or latex that is inflated with a gas such as helium, hydrogen, oxygen or air. It is used in different ways, decorative or practical purposes.

When I was younger I always ask my mom to buy balloons every time we go to church. As a kid you are mesmerized by its different colors, different shapes. It can be used to calm down a kid who's having tantrums. Some use it as a bribe. 

As I grew older, my views about balloons changed. I left for college, lived alone, thrived to be independent, tried to cope up with all the pressure. The university where I went to is just two blocks away from a church and I pass there every day. When I see someone selling balloons, it lightens up my mood. It eases the stress, lessens the home sickness.

Nowadays, balloons are used to express something, to deliver a message. 

Balloons are given to sick persons like cancer patients or those who have been in the hospital for so long. When they see the colors, it radiates positivity, hope. It gives them the will, the strength to fight and continue to live.

Some Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community in different parts of the world uses balloons to take a stand. To tell the society that they exist. They don't deserve discrimination. They also serve and contribute to our society as much as straight people do. They too are humans and they deserve respect. 

For some people, it is used as a symbol, a cry for justice. Family and friends of those people who died and needs justice usually uses balloons as a sign of hope, courage and strength.

Balloons have always been used as a symbol to celebrate life. To remind us that life is indeed colorful. It offers many things, enjoy it. It allows you to meet new people, cherish your relationship with them. There may be challenges or adversities, but it will pass. Don't be too hard on yourself dear. You are in charge of your own happiness. Always, Always, find ways to be happy. 
        "You win some, you lose some, but you live, you live to fight another day."
5/30/2013 08:40:52 pm

I'm not so sure if balloons can be a sign of hope for me.. lol xD


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