Your Smile.

When you smile, it's as if you're giving me a little piece of your heart. We must not forget that life is unpredictable, we can never control the past nor the future. But you can change the mood of each moment by touching someone's heart with your smile.

Your Self-Respect

I love the way you accept who you are completely, the good and the bad. The changes you make in your life because you think it's right and not because anyone else wants you to.

An important lesson: If you can't love and respect yourself, no one will.

Your Courage

There are days when it's hard to get out of bed, put on a smile and face reality but you still find strength and will to carry on.

Your courage is my encouragement.

Your Passion

You have taught me that life isn't always about the struggles in front of you but the idea, dreams, passions and the people that are behind you and within you.

Your Creativity

I love the way you continue to jump from great heights and develop your wings on the way. The way you look at a situation, instead of asking "Why?", you ask, "Why not?"

Your Positivity

When you laugh and there's no insistent reason to do so. It's all about a glass with water in it, you don't care if it's half-empty or full, what matters is to have a glass with something in it.

Your Kindness and Compassion

Thank you for being a friend. For being there when no one seems to listen. For being there even when you're busy working and dealing with your own issues.

Your Unconditional Acceptance

You take people for what they are and not for what they should be, you appreciate and not label or change the person.

You taught me to appreciate and accept a person with who they truly are and not who you think they should be.

Your Sense of Humor

You manage to see the positive in the negative things that happen in your life. Thank you for helping me see the beauty  and comedy in this crazy world.

Your Love and Loyalty

Despite any pain or struggle, you still continue to love, that's just who you are. You have taught me that relationships are about two people being together even during tough times and that remaining faithful is not an option but a priority.

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